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UKC Cross Country Champions

The De Soto girls and boys are the 2021 Cross Country Champions of the United Kansas Conference!

The 2021 UKC boys and girls cross country championship was held on Thursday, October 14th at the University of St. Mary in Leavenworth.

Girls Results

Runner of the Year: Sophie Landrum, De Soto

Coach of the Year: Jack Sachse, De Soto

Team Results
  1. De Soto: 20
  2. Basehor-Linwood: 61
  3. Leavenworth: 64
  4. Lansing: 73
  5. Shawnee Heights: No team score
  6. Turner: No team score
Individual Results (Top 5)
  1. Sophie Landrum – De Soto: 19:33
  2. Katie Beyer – De Soto: 20:42
  3. Brooke Bundt – De Soto: 20:42
  4. Hope Marriott – De Soto: 20:47
  5. Addison Manley – Leavenworth: 20:53

Boys Results

Runner of the Year: Kory Sutton, Shawnee Heights

Coach of the Year: Jack Sachse, De Soto

Team Results
  1. De Soto: 30
  2. Shawnee Heights: 52
  3. Lansing: 65
  4. Leavenworth: 109
  5. Basehor-Linwood: 114
  6. Turner: No team score
Individual Results (Top 5)
  1. Kory Sutton – Shawnee Heights: 16:07
  2. Jackson Esquibel – Shawnee Heights: 16:12
  3. Brady Huggins – De Soto: 16:22
  4. Kyle Newberry – De Soto: 16:25
  5. Kenneth Howell – Lansing: 16:27


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UKC Girls Soccer All Conference

Player of the Year:

Adell Gore (Basehor-Linwood)

Coach of the Year:

Jay Jay Dunham (Basehor-Linwood)

Position 1st Team School Grade
Goalkeeper Hannah Hawley Leavenworth 12
Defender Elaine Flory Basehor-Linwood 10
Defender Kylie Albright De Soto 9
Defender Olivia Page De Soto 10
Defender Addison Hunter Leavenworth 12
Midfield/Forward Adell Gore Basehor-Linwood 12
Midfield/Forward Teigan Capper Basehor-Linwood 11
Midfield/Forward Jordan Zade De Soto 12
Midfield/Forward Macie Albright De Soto 12
Midfield/Forward Sophie Landrum De Soto 10
Midfield/Forward Abby Martin Leavenworth 12
Utility Player Sadie Dipman Leavenworth 12
Position 2nd Team School Grade
Goalkeeper Hallie Scott De Soto 12
Defender Emily Heffernan De Soto 11
Defender Savannah Stermer Lansing 10
Defender Emma Manrose Shawnee Heights 12
Defender Katie Mulligan Shawnee Heights 11
Midfield/Forward Audrey Smith Basehor-Linwood 10
Midfield/Forward Isabelle Jones De Soto 9
Midfield/Forward Brooke Collins Leavenworth 11
Midfield/Forward Emily Nachbar Leavenworth 12
Midfield/Forward Kyler Bowman Shawnee Heights 12
Midfield/Forward Sarah Navidad Turner 12
Utility Player Aleyda Salazar Turner 10
Position Honorable Mention School Grade
Goal Keeper Hannah Miller Basehor-Linwood 9
Midfield/Forward Chloe Collins De Soto 10
Utility Riley Padden De Soto 12
Midfield/Forward Emily Piburn Lansing 11
Midfield/Forward Harley Woodcock Lansing 12
Midfield/Forward Jessica Gray Lansing 12
Utility Julia Mullins Lansing 12
Midfield/Forward Kalyn Walter Shawnee Heights 10
Midfield/Forward Lily Martin Shawnee Heights 10
Defender Adriana Loya-Laredo Turner 10
Goal Keeper Judith Silvestre Turner 12
Midfield/Forward Jazmine Pauly Turner 12

Click here for the full list of All Conference Teams.

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