United Kansas Conference Cup Points

2018-19 Results

Girls Soccer: 1-DHS, 2-LV, 3-SHHS, 4-BLHS, 5-THS, 6-LHS

Boys Track: 1-DHS, 2-LV, 3-LHS, 4-SHHS, 5-BLHS, 6-THS

Girls Track: 1-LV, 2-SHHS, 3-DHS, 4-BLHS, 5-LHS, 6-THS

Girls Swimming: 1-LHS, 2-DHS, 3-LV, 4-SHHS, 5-THS, 6-BLHS

Boys Golf: 1-BLHS, 2-DHS, 3-SHHS, 4-LV, 5-LHS, No team score: THS

Baseball: 1-SHHS, 2-LHS, 3-DHS, 4-BLHS, 5-LV, 6-THS

Softball: 1-SHHS, 2-BLHS, 3-LHS, 4-DHS, 5-LV, 6-THS

Boys Tennis: 1-LV, 2-SHHS, 3-DHS, 4-LHS, No team score: BLHS, THS

Boys Basketball: 1-BLHS, 2-LV, 3-SHHS, 4-DHS, 5-LHS, 6-THS

Girls Basketball: 1-LV, 2-DHS, 3-LHS, 4-SHHS, 5-BLHS, 6-THS

Boys Bowling: 1-SHHS, 2-LHS, 3-LV, 4-DHS, 5-THS, No team score: BLHS

Girls Bowling: 1-SHHS, 2-LHS, 3-THS, 4-LV, 5-DHS, No team score: BLHS

Wrestling: 1-SHHS, 2-LHS, 3-BLHS, 4-LV, 5-DHS, 6-THS

Boys Swimming: 1-LHS, 2-LV, 3-BLHS, 4-DHS, 5-THS, 6-SHHS

Scholars Bowl: 1-LV, 2-DHS, 3-SHHS, 4-BLHS, 5-LHS, 6-THS

Girls Golf: 1-SHHS, 2-BLHS, 3-DHS, 4-THS, 5-LV, No team score: LHS

Girls Tennis: 1-LHS, 2-DHS, 3-SHHS, 4-LV, No team score: BLHS, THS

Volleyball: 1-LHS, 2-DHS, 3-SHHS, 4-BLHS, 5-LV, 6-THS

Boys Cross Country: 1-LHS, 2-DHS, 3-LV, 4-BLHS, 5-SHHS, 6-THS

Girls Cross Country: 1-SHHS, 2-BLHS, 3-LV, 4-DHS, 5-LHS, No team score: THS

Boys Soccer: 1-SHHS, 2-LV, 3-Turner, 4-DHS, 5-BLHS, 6-LHS

Football: 1-BLHS, 2-DHS, 3-LHS, 4-SHHS, 5-LV, 6-THS


Article 10: United Kansas Conference Cup

b. The scoring for the Conference Cup will based on the number of schools in the Conference where the maximum number of points earned is reflective of the number of schools in the Conference. For example: 8 schools would be 8 points for 1st, 7 points for 2nd and down to 1 point. If a school does not participate in a sport, they receive 0 points in that sport for the Conference cup standings.
c. There will be 21 sports broken down as follows:

Fall Sports Winter Sports Spring Sports
Boys Cross Country Boys Basketball Baseball
Girls Cross Country Girls Basketball Boys Golf
Football Boys Bowling Girls Soccer
Girls Golf Girls Bowling Softball
Boys Soccer Boys Swimming Girls Swimming
Girls Tennis Wrestling Boys Tennis
Girls Volleyball Scholars Bowl Boys Track
Girls Track

d. A tie for any place between two or more schools – they will split the total points between their place. For example, a tie for first amongst 8 teams would be 7.5 points each (15 points divided by two teams).
e. There will be a traveling Conference Cup Trophy awarded to one school as the Conference Cup Champions at the Conference Summit meeting in the fall. Schools will be responsible for trading the trophy each year.