UKC Baseball All Conference

Player of the Year: Deacon Pomeroy (Shawnee Heights)

Pitcher of the Year: Tonio Mendez (Lansing)

Coach of the Year: Michael Basler (Lansing)

Position 1st Team School Grade
Pitcher Will Burger De Soto 12
Pitcher Tonio Mendez Lansing 12
Pitcher Henry Rambo Leavenworth 11
Catcher David Dobbs Seaman 11
Infielder Cade Martinez De Soto 11
Infielder Cole Heitmann De Soto 12
Infielder Noah Davis Leavenworth 10
Infielder Myles Ross Piper 10
Infielder Kaiden Griffin Seaman 12
Outfielder Noah Thompson De Soto 11
Outfielder Caden Howell Lansing 12
Outfielder Zach Willson Seaman 12
Outfielder Jordan Armbruster Shawnee Heights 12
Utility Deacon Pomeroy Shawnee Heights 11
Designated Hitter Phoenix Thompson De Soto 11
Position 2nd Team School Grade
Pitcher Axton Brewer Seaman 9
Pitcher Holden Finley Seaman 12
Pitcher Ben Schaub Shawnee Heights 12
Catcher Will Howard Basehor-Linwood 11
Infielder Nash McCarty Basehor-Linwood 12
Infielder Bryce Fullen Lansing 10
Infielder Dalton Jorgensen Lansing 12
Infielder Carson Garner Shawnee Heights 11
Infielder Erikson George Turner 11
Outfielder Nate Martin Basehor-Linwood 10
Outfielder Will Burger De Soto 12
Outfielder Julian Simon Leavenworth 10
Outfielder Cayden Lindsay Shawnee Heights 10
Designated Hitter Hernan Mora Turner 11
Utility Jaylen Sims Piper 12
Position Honorable Mention School Grade
Infielder Caden Puderbaugh Basehor-Linwood 10
Infielder Garrett Pierce Basehor-Linwood 11
Infielder Steven Zimbelman Basehor-Linwood 10
Infielder Max Johnson De Soto 11
Pitcher Max Thurman De Soto 12
Catcher Reid Oakley Lansing 11
Pitcher James Umbarger Lansing 12
Catcher Jackson Harding Leavenworth 12
Infielder Frankie Giamalva Leavenworth 10
Pitcher Cael Mueller Leavenworth 12
Designated Hitter Lukas Boehm Piper 12
Infielder Jovahni Perez Piper 11
Pitcher Zak Surprise Piper 12
Designated Hitter Axton Brewer Seaman 9
Pitcher Bryer Finley Seaman 11
Utility Jayden Holly Shawnee Heights 12
Outfielder Elijah Berg Topeka West 11
Infielder Davon Templeton Turner 12
Pitcher Cruz Perez Turner 11

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