UKC Softball All Conference

Player of the Year: Taylor Cruse (Basehor-Linwood)

Coach of the Year: Susan Mayberry (Basehor-Linwood)

Position 1st Team School Grade
Pitcher Taylor Cruse Basehor-Linwood 12
Pitcher Kaelyn O’Rourke Seaman 10
Pitcher Grace Proctor Shawnee Heights 10
Catcher Kylie Brockman Piper 12
Infielder Amanda Knutson Basehor-Linwood 12
Infielder Mila Seaton Basehor-Linwood 12
Infielder Marisa Johnson De Soto 11
Infielder Sage Grann Piper 11
Infielder Aspen Burgardt Seaman 12
Outfielder Bella Rollo Basehor-Linwood 12
Outfielder Gabby Salazar Piper 11
Outfielder Paige Glasgow Seaman 11
Outfielder Ally Millard Shawnee Heights 11
Utility Jayden Hanna Turner 11
Designated Player Jersey Jellison Seaman 11
Position 2nd Team School Grade
Pitcher Grace Rose Basehor-Linwood 12
Pitcher Maddie Reynolds De Soto 12
Pitcher Emma Moppin Piper 11
Catcher Ashlynn Jaccard Lansing 11
Infielder Jade Chames De Soto 10
Infielder Rosalie Schneider Seaman 11
Infielder Karlyn Bowman Shawnee Heights 11
Infielder Taylor Brees Shawnee Heights 10
Infielder Jerzey Hanna Turner 10
Outfielder Abbie Richards Basehor-Linwood 11
Outfielder Casey McCollum De Soto 11
Outfielder Paradise Wright Leavenworth 11
Outfielder Siani Sanchez Topeka West 11
Utility Zoe Church De Soto 9
Designated Player Ainsley Yoakam Lansing 11
Position Honorable Mention School Grade
Catcher Addie Thom Basehor-Linwood 10
Infielder Kaleigh Small Basehor-Linwood 11
Outfielder Harley Baker Basehor-Linwood 11
Infielder Kaitlin Cook De Soto 12
Infielder Jordyn Koontz Lansing 9
Outfielder Hannah McNabb Lansing 10
Pitcher Gracelyn Collins Lansing 9
Utility Addison Callaway Lansing 10
Infielder Jada Eagle Leavenworth 11
Infielder Regan Wiehe Piper 11
Outfielder Taylor Gladieux Piper 11
Utility Rylie Wiseman Piper 10
Catcher Raegan McConnell Seaman 10
Infielder MacKenzie Birch Shawnee Heights 11
Outfielder Audrey Schulte Shawnee Heights 11
Infielder Taniyah Stafford Topeka West 12
Pitcher Amia Alexander-Sims Topeka West 12

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