Spring Sports

UKC Softball All Conference

UKC Softball

Player of the Year:

Bradi Basler (Lansing)

Coach of the Year:

Rachel Milnark (Lansing)

1st Team All Conference
Jessica Lutgen Freshman Basehor-Linwood Right Field
Bradi Basler Senior Lansing Pitcher
Caroline Crawford Junior Lansing 1st Base
Leah Seichepine Senior Leavenworth Center Field
Abbey Fischer Senior Shawnee Heights Short Stop
Aniya Holt Junior Shawnee Heights 3rd Base
Jaycee Ginter Junior Shawnee Heights Utility
Lexi Coulter Senior Shawnee Heights Left Field
Sydney Wellshear Senior Shawnee Heights 2nd Base
Justyse Rodriguez Junior Turner Catcher
2nd Team All Conference
Olivia Garvey Junior Basehor-Linwood 2nd Base
Samantha Price Freshman Basehor-Linwood Catcher
Avery Karlin Sophomore De Soto 3rd Base
Lindsay Schuler Junior Lansing Utility
Shannon Jessup Junior Lansing Left Field
Alyssa Seichepine Senior Leavenworth Short Stop
Kaylee McLain Freshman Leavenworth Right Field
Paige Petefish Senior Shawnee Heights Pitcher
Shy Tyler Senior Shawnee Heights 1st Base
Megan Johnson Senior Turner Center Field
Honorable Mention All Conference
Audrey Spellman Freshman Basehor-Linwood Left Field
Kate Drennon Senior Basehor-Linwood 1st Base
Cayleigh Berry Senior Lansing Center Field
Katie Gray Freshman Lansing 3rd Base
Riley Phillips Junior Lansing Short Stop
Gwyn Gebert Freshman Leavenworth Left Field
McKenzie Brown Senior Leavenworth Pitcher
Adysen Burghart Sophomore Shawnee Heights Center Field

Click here for the full list of All Conference Teams.

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Shawnee Heights Softball Wins State!!!

Shawnee Heights Softball 1

Shawnee Heights Softball wins the KSHSAA 5A State Championship!!!

The Thunderbirds defeated Bishop Carroll by a score of 12-1 in the championship game held at Maize High School! This run-rule victory avenged the T-birds regular season loss to Carroll and they finished with a record of 22-1. Shawnee Heights have now won the last three 5A State Championships!!!

Topeka Capitol Journal Article:

Picture credits to @SHHSThunderbird on Twitter

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UKC Girls Soccer All Conference


Co-Players of the Year:

Mackenzie Mohl (De Soto) & Jordan Zade (De Soto)

Coach of the Year:

Jesse Smith (De Soto)

Position 1st Team School Grade
Goalkeeper Mackenzie Shupe De Soto 11
Defender Allie Lodge Leavenworth 11
Defender Emma Manrose Shawnee Heights 10
Defender Ashley Panagakis De Soto 12
Defender Krista Rush De Soto 12
Midfield/Forward Alexis Cole Leavenworth 12
Midfield/Forward Lauren Fleischer Shawnee Heights 12
Midfield/Forward Morgan Laplante De Soto 12
Midfield/Forward Suzie Lopez Turner 11
Midfield/Forward Mackenzie Mohl De Soto 11
Midfield/Forward Jordan Zade De Soto 10
Utility Player Drayvhen Moore De Soto 12
Position 2nd Team School Grade
Goalkeeper Alyssa Keller Lansing 11
Defender Macie Albright De Soto 10
Defender Teigan Capper Basehor-Linwood 9
Defender Alyssa Richardson Basehor-Linwood 12
Defender Rebecca Russell Turner 12
Midfield/Forward Macy Carver De Soto 9
Midfield/Forward Allie Fulks Shawnee Heights 11
Midfield/Forward Adell Gore Basehor-Linwood 10
Midfield/Forward Jenna McClain Lansing 11
Midfield/Forward Kaylee Shaw Leavenworth 11
Midfield/Forward Taylor Theno Basehor-Linwood 11
Utility Player McKensey Kell Lansing 12
Honorable Mention Grade
Bailey Campbell (Lansing) 9
Brooke Collins (Lansing) 9
Bailey Hughes (Shawnee Heights) 10
Addie Gress (De Soto) 11
Maddie Mascareno (De Soto) 11
Maja Lager (Leavenworth) 12
Sadie Dipman (Leavenworth) 10
Sydney Howell (Leavenworth) 12
Kyler Bowman (Shawnee Heights) 10
Jazmine Pauly (Turner) 10
Sarah Wilks (Turner) 12
Mia Kensinger (Leavenworth) 9

Click here for the full list of All Conference Teams.

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UKC Baseball All Conference

UKC Baseball

Player of the Year:

Tyce Brown (Shawnee Heights)

Coach of the Year:

Ryan Schmidt (Shawnee Heights)


Position 1st Team School Grade
Pitcher Chase Torkelson Basehor-Linwood 11
Pitcher Zach Cushing Shawnee Heights 12
Catcher Robert McKinley Leavenworth 12
1st Base Luke Millman De Soto 11
2nd Base Hardy Bergman Basehor-Linwood 11
2nd Base Dylan Nimrod De Soto 11
3rd Base Caleb Adams Lansing 12
Short Stop Peyton Basler Lansing 10
Left Field Chandler Miller Basehor-Linwood 10
Center Field Tyce Brown Shawnee Heights 12
Right Field Austin Rosetta De Soto 10
Utility Bryce Turner Lansing 9
Position 2nd Team School Grade
Pitcher Tyler Barkemeyer De Soto 12
Pitcher Dylan Mclain Lansing 12
Catcher Jack Hoytal Shawnee Heights 12
1st Base Shaun Gomez Shawnee Heights 11
Short Stop Dawson Durkes Shawnee Heights 11
3rd Base Andrew Rantz Shawnee Heights 10
Left Field Jayden Raymond Lansing 12
Center Field Dakota Sill Lansing 12
Right Field Ethan Haufler Shawnee Heights 11
Utility Steele Sadler Leavenworth 12
Honorable Mention Grade
Carter Bergman (Basehor-Linwood) 9
Jackson Herbel (Basehor-Linwood) 9
Matthew McKnight (Basehor-Linwood) 12
Wyatt Wagner (Basehor-Linwood) 11
Jackson Miller (De Soto) 10
Weston Madden (De Soto) 10
JW Hickman (Leavenworth) 10
Kruz Wahwahsuck (Leavenworth) 12
Brede Logan (Shawnee Heights) 12
David Steffen (Shawnee Heights) 12
Jesus Carta (Turner) 11

Click here for the full list of All Conference Teams.

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UKC Track and Field Champions

2019 UKC Boys Track Champs

The Leavenworth girls and De Soto boys are the 2019 Track & Field Champions of the United Kansas Conference!

The 2019 UKC boys and girls track & field championship was held on Thursday, May 11th at Lansing High School.

Girls Team Results
  1. Leavenworth: 146
  2. Shawnee Heights: 121
  3. De Soto: 98
  4. Basehor-Linwood: 92
  5. Lansing: 71
  6. Turner: 21
Boys Team Results
  1. De Soto: 163
  2. Leavenworth: 140
  3. Lansing: 97
  4. Shawnee Heights: 85
  5. Basehor-Linwood: 56
  6. Turner: 14
  • Boys’ Coach of the Meet: Jack Sachse – De Soto
  • Girls’ Coach of the Meet: Rob Marriott – Leavenworth
  • Boys Track Athlete of the Meet: Guy Ramos – Leavenworth
  • Girls Track Athlete of the Meet: Winter Ramos – Leavenworth
  • Boys Field Athlete of the Meet: Connor Flynn – De Soto
  • Girls Field Athlete of the Meet: Emily Fuhr – De Soto


Click here for updated Conference Cup Standings

Picture credits to @CoachMartinezLV, and on Twitter

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UKC Girls Swimming Champions

Girls Swimming 3

The Lansing Lions are the 2019 Girls Swimming Champions of the United Kansas Conference!

The 2019 UKC Girls Swimming Championship was held on Thursday, May 9th at Turning High School.

Team Results
  1. Lansing: 85
  2. De Soto: 84
  3. Leavenworth: 59
  4. Shawnee Heights: 51
  5. Turner: 20
  6. Basehor-Linwood: 14


Click here for updated Conference Cup Standings

Picture credits to Coach Besser @LHS_SwimCoach on Twitter.

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UKC Boys Golf Champions

Basehor Boys Golf 1

The Basehor-Linwood Bobcats are the 2019 Boys Golf Champions of the United Kansas Conference!

The 2019 UKC Boys Golf Championship was held on Thursday, May 9th at Burning Tree Golf Course in De Soto.

Team Results
  1. Basehor-Linwood: 313
  2. De Soto: 339
  3. Shawnee Heights: 347
  4. Leavenworth: 400
  5. Lansing: 410

Individual Champion: Wyatt Powell – Basehor-Linwood

Individual Results – All Conference Teams
1st Team School Score
Wyatt Powell Basehor-Linwood 75
Joey Langstraat Basehor-Linwood 77
Austin Logsdon Basehor-Linwood 79
Spencer Thurlow De Soto 80
Brendan Smith Basehor-Linwood 82
Ethan Iddings De Soto 83
2nd Team School Score
Kobe Sifford Basehor-Linwood 83
Tyler Peterson Shawnee Heights 83
Nick Tranbarger De Soto 87
Jared Holmer Shawnee Heights 87
Ethan Rottinghaus Shawnee Heights 88
Grant Scheider Lansing 88
Honorable Mention School Score
Jake Huffman Shawnee Heights 89
Adam Maskil De Soto 89
Brayden Wadehra De Soto 91
Reid Holthaus Shawnee Heights 92
Jonah Barrette Leavenworth 94
Chase Allen Leavenworth 97


Click here for updated Conference Cup Standings

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